July 2018: Vegan Main Course Cooking
Jennie Cook, Jennie Cook's Catering
Joanne Purnell, Good Gracious Events
Rach Teipen, Conrad Indianapolis

June 2018: Prop Room Organization: Decluttering Specialty
Lon Lane, Lon Lane's Inspired Occasions

May 2018: How to Get the Most Out of Your Event Photos
Jamie Pritscher and Emily Ebert, Nuphoriq

May 2018: How to Get Creative During a Staff Shortage
Marissa Delgado and Becky McIntyre, Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering

November 2017: Metric Madness 2.0: Measuring and Improving What Matters to Your Business

Jamie Pritscher, Nuphoriq

September 2017: You Can Add Amazing Garnishes to Elevate Your Everyday Desserts
Bonnie Kravitz, Daniel et Daniel

August 2017: Building a Strong Service Team in a Competitive Market
Blue Plate Catering

June 2017: In Kind, or Out of Pocket? A Strategic Approach to Sponsorships and Donations
Heidi Brice, Director of Catering, Puff 'n Stuff Catering

April 2017: SEO-ing the Seeds to Success: How to Make Search Engine Optimization Work for You

Michael Larson, Web Director, Nuphoriq
Jamie Pritscher, Co-Found & CCO, Nuphoriq

March 2017: Culinary vs. Sales: From Epic Battles to Creative Collaboration
Suzi Shands, Mintahoe Catering & Events

Cathy Mindel, Mintahoe Catering & Events

January 2017:The Benefits of Attending Catersource & Art of Catering Food 2017: A Panel Discussion

Robin Selden, Marcia Selden Catering
Jennifer Perna, Blue Plate
Paul Larson, Blue Plate
Bill Pannhoff, B&B Catering & Events

October 2016: ICAEF Scholarships to Catersource and Art of Catering Food 2017 Made Easy

Roxann Torelli, Gourmet Delights Catering

September 2016: Using Customer Reviews to Power Your Business

Jamie Pritscher, Nuphoriq

July 2016: Anthony Lambatos, Footers Catering

Building and Managing a High Performance Sales Team

June 2016: Bill Pannhoff, B&B Catering & Special Events, Margot Jones, Purple Onion Catering and Paul Larson, Blue Plate

Learn All About Art of Catering Food (AOCF): A Panel Discussion

March 2016: Jen Delaye, The JDK Group and Steve Sanchez, The JDK Group

Purpose, Plan and Profits

February 2016: Margot Jones, Purple Onion Catering, Bill Pannhoff, B&B Catering and Jennifer Perna, Blue Plate

Panel Discussion: The Benefits of Attending Catersource

December 2015: Metric Madness: The Best Marketing Metrics for Your Business 
Jamie Pritscher, Nuphoriq

November 2015: Jennifer Perna, Blue Plate

Sales Team Compensation & Structure

October 2015: Lon and Stewart Lane, Lon Lane's Inspired Occasions

Prop Room Organization and Packing

October 2015: Jeffrey Selden, Marcia Selden Catering 

Liquid Kitchen

August 2015: Thomas Gussen, Sprague Energy (ICA Partner)

Sprague PowerShop Program - Available to ICA Members

August 2015: Kelly Early of Thomas Caterers of Distinction

Planning a Large Event - A Study on Logistics

July 2015: Keith Lord of The Wild Thyme Company

Working with Your Local Farmers

June 2015: Mary Crafts-Homer of Culinary Crafts

Everything You Wanted to Know about Art of Catering Food 2015 in Salt Lake City 

March 2015: Jamie Pritscher of Nuphoriq 

Is Your Marketing Working? How to Measure Marketing ROI

Jan 2015:  Neal Green of All Occasion Catering and Bill Pannhoff of B&B Catering

The Importance of the ROI at Catersource

September 2014:  Cerys Brown of Social Tables and Tobe Finch of Happy Day Catering

Social Tables: The Future of Catering with Event Technology

July 2014: Jamie Pritscher of Nuphoric, Inc and Frank Christian of Festivities Catering

Social Media: Not Just for Food Sharing

June 2014: Dan Smith, Catering by Design

The Year of the CATIE ... 

May 2014: Bill Hammett, Hammett Health Insurance 

Cutting Through the Noise of Healthcare Reform

May 2014: Anthony Lambatos, Footers Catering

Tastings: A Valuable Marketing Tool or a Pain in the #$! 

February 2014: Donna Ford, Sweet Memories Bakery 

Not Sleazy Just Easy - Enticing and Tempting Desserts

November 2013:  Paul Larson, Blue Plate 

Hit the Number or Hit the Road

October 2013:  Jennifer Perna, Blute Plate 

Happy Sales People = Happy and Healthy Sales Numbers

September 2013:  Warren Dietel, Puff 'n Stuff Events/Catering 

Event Staff for Fun and Profit

September 2013:  Kevin Lacassin, Good Food Catering Company

How Your Small Company Can Win and Execute Large Events

August 2013:  Tom Gussen, Metromedia Energy

The Cost of Energy is in Your Hands

August 2013:  Tom Green, Don Strange of Texas

Taking Catering Outside the Box 

July 2013:  Roberto Guerra, Pits 'n Spits

Re-purposing 2 exotic cooking methods that are too HOT to ignore

May 2013: Anthony Lambatos, Footers Catering

Building a Sales Team That Will Make You Jump for Joy!

May 2013: Sandy Hammer, All Seated

A FREE App for Floor Plans - Your Customers Will Love You

February 2013: Adam Gooch, Purple Onion Catering

Spring Ahead- New Fresh Salad Ideas for this Upcoming Season

January 2013Lon Lane, Lon Lane's Inspired Occasions

Prop Room Organization

November 2012:  Ken Barrett, Broadway Gourmet

More Pans Than Stoves?

October 2012:  Mary Crafts-Homer, Culinary Crafts

No Pastry Chef? No Problem?