ICA: Coronavirus and the Catering Community

Dear Catering Community,

As we navigate these unprecedented times with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading across the country and Governors declaring States of Emergencies, shutting down restaurants, bars, taverns and limiting the number of people in public gatherings, the ICA wants to provide you with resources to address the many issues you are facing.

The ICA and its Board of Directors are meeting regularly to discuss these issues so we can gather, create and provide you with resources to help you address the challenging decisions that have arisen from losing virtually all of your business for the next few months.  We anticipate sending you information weekly.

In addition we have included a draft of a letter that you can customize for your business to send to your local officials and elected representatives asking for relief on things such as:  license renewals and fees, tax payment schedules, mandated numbers of trash pick ups per week, grease trap cleaning, insurance payments and commercial lease eviction moratoriums are just a few suggestions.  Of course each state has their own specific mandates and timelines so we invite you to edit the letter to be specific to your needs.

Here are some of the immediate resources we have available.

1. www.InternationalCaterers.org has a RESOURCE button that takes you to resources such as:

  1. SBA Assistance Information  Click here to view a helpful slide deck.
  2. Sanitation Information
  3. Practical Tips

2. Links to register for upcoming webinars

  • March 19 - Leading Through Ambiguity - Register here
  • March 20 - Furlough vs Layoff - Register here
  • March 24 - Shut Down vs Limited Service & Cash Flow and Expense Reduction - Register here
  • March 26 - May 15th NOW is the New Year – Register here
    More to Come

3. If you are not already part of the ICA Roundtable click here -1,800 Caterers sharing 24/7

4. Click here to view a template letter that can be sent to your local officials or elected representatives. You can also view this letter on the ICA website.

We will continue to provide updates and resources as they become available. This is a difficult time for everyone and we know this is impacting your businesses and livelihoods.  We want to do everything possible to provide you with the resources to “weather the storm” and make the best decisions possible for your families.


Paula Kreuzburg
Managing Vice President
International Caterers Association



Jeffrey Selden
Managing Partner
Marcia Selden Catering & Events