Nuphoriq Catering Trends: May 7th, 2019

This month we’re loving all the creativity in the air! Apparently, the sun has that effect on some people. Jokes aside, there is much to celebrate, including not just one but two of our clients’ anniversaries. That’s why we’re kicking it off with a blog on company anniversary campaigns and how they can be used to bring about important change or simply just reignite the company you’ve spent years building. Also on the radar this month: intergalactic catering, an all-too-real account of catering life, post-event tips for connecting with guests and summery trends. Enjoy!

It’s Your Company’s Anniversary. Celebrate Yo’ Self!

By: nuphoriq

Years in business certainly add up fast, huh? Don’t worry, we’re not here to rub it in. We just want to say: whether you’ve made it to your 10- or 50-year anniversary, you have a lot to be proud of. In working with caterers for the last several years, we’ve had the honor to hear all kinds of stories, from the trying to the triumphant. When you’re just starting out, every year is an accomplishment. It’s our job to remind you how far you’ve come since then and help you celebrate. Learn about what goes into planning a company anniversary!

Event Spotlight: Catering of the Third Kind

By: Catersource

We don’t know about you, but Martian tacos and Milky Way candy bars sound way better than what astronauts eat in space. Butler's Pantry let their creativity fly with the other-worldly creations they made for an event at the Palladium Saint Louis. Let’s just say the team figured out a way to make a dish called the “black hole” appetizing. We hope this fun event recap sends a little inspiration your way.

Overworked and Underpaid: A Tribute to Caterers Everywhere

By: The New York Times

“Try cooking 1,400 lamb chops to a perfect medium-rare at the same time, using nothing but sheet pans, Sterno and an upright aluminum cabinet on wheels called a hot box,” writes Kim Severson in her Anthony Bourdain-style, undercover close-up of a 12-billion-dollar industry that’s just as rigorous and acrobatic as its restaurant counterpart (if not more). If you haven’t done so already, take look at this detailed chronology of the profession and an honest, day-in-the-life account of the people who live it.

Post-Event Tips for Keeping in Touch with Clients

By: BizBash

Want to follow up with people who attend bridal shows or networking events? In this article, event professionals share their best tips to connect with guests after the event is over. Interviewees discuss follow-up email tips, social media giveaways, handwritten thank-you notes and more. We could use a little reminder on how to connect with guests. Maybe this will inspire you to connect in out-of-the-box ways.

35 Table Decor Trends to Make a Splash This Summer

By: HomeBNC

Start your summer with a bang by adding bursts of color and whimsy to your centerpieces. This article shares 35 different ways to dress up your tables this season. Waffle cone flower vases, pineapples, green apple candle holders, macaroon towers and citrusy bouquets. There are so many creative ways to introduce food into a centerpiece. And what a great way to upsell!

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Jamie Pritscher