Five New Board Members to Serve Association in 2019

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – (Nov. 27, 2018) – Annually, the International Caterers Association (ICA) elects new board members to oversee the organization and to ensure that the ICA remains true to its mission: An organization for motivated caterers, the ICA is a resource that provides education, encourages peer-to-peer relationships and inspires creativity while embracing all segments of the catering industry.  

“The ICA is an incredible educational resource for all of our members,” said Karen O’Connor, ICA president. “This invigorating community is filled with individuals who are passionate about the catering industry and want to help each other learn and grow. I look forward to working with our new board members to see their innovative ideas that we can bring to our members.”

The new Board of Directors for 2019, who will begin their service in February 2019, are:

  • Katie Fleury, Director of Sales
    Ridgewells Catering, Bethesda, Maryland  
  • April Lambatos, Co-Owner
    Footers Catering, Denver, Colorado

  • Renee Miner, Vice President & Chief Event Designer
    Empyrean Events and Catering, Fort Wayne, Indiana

  • Syd Sexton, General Manager
    Catering by Design, Denver, Colorado

  • Greg Shapiro, Executive Chef Owner
    Tastebuds Custom Catering, Naples, Florida

“The ICA Board of Directors is a collection of incredibly talented individuals in the industry,” said ICA Executive Director Paula Kreuzburg. “I am looking forward to working alongside the new board members to continue furthering the organization’s goals and serving the needs of our exceptional members.”

Each year, the ICA Board of Directors works very hard to ensure the success of the organization and to oversee the organization’s overall strategy and management.

About the International Caterers Association:
The International Caterers Association (ICA) is the premier association dedicated to educating and raising the level of awareness about the catering industry. Membership in the ICA enhances caterers’ professionalism and garners respect from fellow caterers and new and existing clients. To learn more about the ICA, please visit: